The group was established nearly 40 years ago.  It operates in the Folk House in Bychlew. It is a member of the international association CIOFF (International Council of Organization of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts) since 1980. It is a group with great traditions: participation in international festivals in Europe, the realization of happenings concerning folk tradition, educational activities in the field of folk art and paper art. At present the team consists of 100 dancers (children, teenagers and adults aged 5 – 40 years) and eight-member band: clarinet, first violin, second violin, accordion, contrabass, drum and trumpet.

We try to prepare the programs which reflect the folk culture of the region, both in dance and music as well as in costumes. We care about the authenticity of all these elements in the choreographies such as: the Tavern - Dances of Opoczno region, Dances of Lublin region, Dances of Highlanders of Zywiec, cut-outs of Lowicz region. For years we are cooperating with Henryka Kociołek whose cut-outs are well-known in Poland.